My pride and joy

My pride and joy
Me and the kid when we brought him home in December 2008

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Hello World! I am just your average stay at home mom during the week, restaurant manager during the weekend all rolled up into one! Being both brings some interesting challenges to the day, so I figured I would start writing them down, and see what kind of great stories come out of it!!! Anyone out there that has been a wife, mother, daughter, sister, cousin, Aunt...or restaurant manager, may empathize, sympathize, think this is wonderful, or just plain crazy...but never the should be entertaining!!!


Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Work, Life and everything in between

This morning I woke up to the cute little guys face pressed to mine, and I knew today would be much better than last night at work. Why...tell me WHY when people choose to go out to eat, that they dont remember that the people who are at work are PEOPLE TOO!!! It's like, all of the sudden we become lowly servants without feelings, or even intelligence, and we are just dismissed. People, I will tell you now...BE NICE TO THE PEOPLE WHO SERVE YOU!!! It's interesting how people think just because they have gone out to eat, that manners and being completely civil are thrown out the window. I try to be nice and courteous to these people, because well, that's what I get paid for, but wow, sometimes people make it darn hard! For example...if you order a TO GO order, typically that means you are taking it TO GO. Yesterday we had these 2 ladies (and I use that term loosely) who order TO GO when we were extremelly busy. As soon as their food was up and packaged, they decided they wanted it for dine in. So, my host, who wasn't thinking...lets them sit at a table. So 2 problems with this, 1: we are on a wait list and the people who were waiting to dine in should have gotten that table, and they are now mad that they didn't get that table, and 2: that server now loses a tip off of that table because this is the common trick people play to get out of tipping. So, he seats them at the table, and they IMMEDIATELY demand a server bring them about 3 min later, my server, DOING THEIR JOB, took them water. A few minutes later, they stop ANOTHER SERVER and demand a bowl of chili. maybe they will tip since they ordered at the table...well, there were about 14 orders ahead of theirs, and about 4 minutes after ordering that bowl of chili, one of the "ladies" oomes to me and wants to know where her chili first thought was "in your face if you dont back off" but, I let her know it would be right there. I got the chili for her, took it to her table and I asked if she wanted anything else. Instead of being poilte and saying "no, and thank you for rushing the chili" I got a hand in the face and was told, nothing. Oh...and they didn't leave a tip. Total Bitches. In my dream world, ever person out there should work in a restaurant at least once in their lives to see what it's like. Maybe, just maybe they would think twice about how they treat people.

As for the other part of my world, when I got home from work, I couldn't sleep. The hubby and the kid went to bed, and I came out to the living room to watch Nurse Jackie and The United States of Tara. As I was sitting there, I looked up on the wall at my mothers American Flag and her urn, and I started to cry. Not only because it was Memorial Day, and my mother served in the Navy (although she did not die in combat), but because, the guilt overcame me. I started wondering why I wasnt there for her when she needed me. Why I didn't call her everyday. Why I didn't make more of an effort. She missed out on meeting the kid when she was alive. She missed out on getting to know my wonderful hubby. She missed out on time with me. The first anniversary of her death is approaching this month...

To end todays blog, I will end on a happy note...the kid is jumping and dancing around doing his "happy dance" because Jungle Junction just came on. be young again :-)


  1. Some people just don't get the "courtesy" idea. I wish Inwas there, because as a customer, those females can't get me fired for saying what's on my mind about their rude behavior.