My pride and joy

My pride and joy
Me and the kid when we brought him home in December 2008

Welcome to KellyBear Chronicles!!!

Hello World! I am just your average stay at home mom during the week, restaurant manager during the weekend all rolled up into one! Being both brings some interesting challenges to the day, so I figured I would start writing them down, and see what kind of great stories come out of it!!! Anyone out there that has been a wife, mother, daughter, sister, cousin, Aunt...or restaurant manager, may empathize, sympathize, think this is wonderful, or just plain crazy...but never the should be entertaining!!!


Tuesday, June 1, 2010

The 10 minute shower

Ok...all stay at home mom's know this...the 10 minute shower is heaven on earth. All day you are chasing after the kid, and while they are napping, you are either napping with them, cleaning, relaxing, or getting your 10 minute shower. Those 10 minutes in which the kid is unable to knock, scream, cry, stick their pudgy fingers under the door, is completly heaven. Of course, at first those 10 minutes FEEL like 10 seconds...but...when you master the art of the 10 minute shower, it feels like eternity...

The kid threw a MEGA Tantrum today because he didn't want to wait for his dinner to cool before I gave it to him. I have to give him credit, he stood in one spot, and every 10 seconds or so would scream "ai ongry"...or traslated into english, I'm hungry. I kept looking at him, trying to explain that it was hot, showed him it was hot, but let's face it, reasoning with an 18 month old is as useful as resoning with a wall...not a lot happens. So, with tears streaming down his face, he would cry, then scream, then stand there quiet...and then do it all over again. All I could do is look at him, and smile..on the inside of course. This went on for about 10-15 minutes. He never left that spot, then when it was cool enough for him to eat, he devoured it, and then continued to eat some of my dinner too. This kid is going to eat us out of our home, so I just have to hope all of this good food I am putting in him will help him grow big and strong, and get a great NFL contract. Then I can sit back in HIS house, stand in ONE spot, and SCREAM that I am hungry...and eat HIS food. A girl can dream can't she?

To leave this post today, I leave with this:

Time is short,
Love is sweet,
Children are precious,
but by the end of the day...I am BEAT!!!

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