My pride and joy

My pride and joy
Me and the kid when we brought him home in December 2008

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Hello World! I am just your average stay at home mom during the week, restaurant manager during the weekend all rolled up into one! Being both brings some interesting challenges to the day, so I figured I would start writing them down, and see what kind of great stories come out of it!!! Anyone out there that has been a wife, mother, daughter, sister, cousin, Aunt...or restaurant manager, may empathize, sympathize, think this is wonderful, or just plain crazy...but never the should be entertaining!!!


Wednesday, June 2, 2010

Common Courtesy

So...we live on the bottom floor in an apartment building. So of course it is reasonable to expect a certain amount of noise coming from upstairs. However, the noise our upstairs neighbors produce is ANYTHING but reasonable, but we deal with it. However today, today was just too much. I believe they had the Apartment Maintenance guys there working on something. The noises coming from upstairs was LOUD. Of course, they do this right during the time I just put the kid down for a nap, and for when I am trying to take a nap since I was working tonight, and hadn't really slept last night since the kid had tummy issues. So...I guess it tells you how tired we both were, that we actually slept thru the noise. My irritation is...isn't it common courtesy to as least notify your downstairs neighbor that work will be done upstairs that will cause obscene amount of noises??? I dunno...I would think it would be...but that is just me.

Work was decent tonight..I was covering a shift at a different location...and thought I locked the opening managers keys in the restaurant when I left...I called everyone to get his number..and then found out, I had the spare at least I wont be stressing.

Thank goodness I am off the next two days...maybe I can actually relax :-)

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